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Crater Crawl

We are Celebrating 11 years of Crater Crawl!

Crater Crawl- September 21, 2024 @ 10 AM

10K Hike or Run Around the Rings

2.9 Mile Out-and-Back Hike or Run to the East Crater Viewpoint

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    Participants will run or hike a challenging 10K (6.2miles) course that takes them around The Crater Rings, a unique site featuring one of the very few examples of volcanic pit craters in the continental United States, and thus recognized as a National Natural Landmark.

    The Crater Rings are adjacent, symmetrical volcanic pit craters, about 8 miles northwest of Mountain Home, Idaho. Situated at the top of a broad shield volcano, the twin craters are thought to have once housed lakes of molten lava that belched violent fire fountain eruptions much like Halemaumau Crater of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The eastern of the two craters is about 3000 ft across and 350 ft deep; the western crater is 2500 ft across and 300 ft deep. The volcano is estimated to be less than 2 million years old, making it the youngest shield volcano in the area. Click here to visit a very informative website about a similar volcano, the Erta Ale volcano, which is still active.

    The race course will follow a jeep road to the top of the shield volcano, then around the Crater Rings (see the course map below). Be prepared for some strenuous ups and downs (see the elevation profile below.) Adding to the challenge will be the desert heat, which is certain to conjure up images of the craters' ancient lakes of molten lava. Relief will come in the way of 3 hydration stations located along the course, the first at 2.1 miles, 2nd at 3.4 miles, and 3rd at 5.1 miles. Despite the challenges, this event is meant for anyone who might enjoy a supported outing in a very unique volcanic setting, whether they are a competitive trail runner, casual hiker, or anything in between.

We also have a 2.9 mile out-and-back course that leads to a spectacular view of the east crater. This is a great option for those who would like to experience the craters, but don't really want to travel all the way around them on a rough and challenging course.


    The goals of the Crater Crawl are to encourage the values of low-impact non-motorized outdoor recreation and raise funds for Idaho Outdoor Association projects, activities, and educational programs. This year, your entry will also help fund Idaho Trails Association projects.


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Directions to the Crater Crawl:

 Boise to Race Site using Exit 74:

1. Start from Broadway Avenue and I-84 in Boise.

2. Head southeast on I-84 E - 20 miles.

3. Take exit 74 to Simco Road.

4. After exiting, go left on Simco Road for a half-mile to Desert Wind Road.

5. Turn right on Desert Wind and follow it for 5.5 miles.

6. Continue through the left-hand curve that leads into Tilli Road.

7. Continue on Tilli for 2.5 miles to a right turn onto Ditto Creek Road.

8. Travel 5 miles southeast on Ditto Creek Road, crossing a bridge over I-84.

9. Turn right onto Main Cinder Butte Road.

10. Proceed on this dirt-surfaced road for a short 2 miles to the race starting line.

11. Parallel park alongside Main Cinder Butte Road.

Google Map

Mountain Home to Race Site:

1. Head northwest on I-84B US W/Old U.S. 30 W toward E 8th N - 3.3 miles.

2. Turn left onto Ditto Creek Rd/Old Oregon Trail Hwy.

3. Continue to follow Old Oregon Trail Hwy - 5.4 miles.

4. Turn left onto Cinder Butte Rd - 2 miles to the race starting line.

5. Parallel park alongside Main Cinder Butte Road.

Google Map


    The overall top five female and male Crater Crawl finishers will receive an award. There will also be awards for all youth finishers (12 and under) who complete the Crater Crawl.

Course Map:



    Crater Crawl is an event that depends on the efforts of many volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, sign up here.

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