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Jupiter/Saturn conjunction Viewing

  • Tuesday, December 22, 2020
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Bonneville Point

Join us for an evening of planetary sight seeing on Tuesday, December 22.

A Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will be visible low on the horizon 1 hour after sunset with a ¼ crescent moon just above. The planets will be about ¼ of the diameter of the moon apart. We hope to see Jupiter and its moons, Europa, Ganymede, Calisto and Io; and Saturn with its rings and moons Titan and Rhea; all in one telescopic image.

We will view this planetary event from Bonneville Point, which offers a good view of the western horizon. Try to be there by 5:00pm.  Sunset is at 5:11pm. Planets will be visible around 6:00.

We’ll have fire pans and as many telescopes as we can muster.  If you have a telescope, dust it off and bring it. It will be cold, so dress in your winter layers.

Social distancing and appropriate masking  are required. There is a 10 person limit, so sign up quickly to reserve your spot.

To reach Bonneville Point, drive east on I-84 for approximately 10 miles from Boise to the Blacks Creek exit #64. Go left on Blacks Creek Road and follow it about 4 miles to a signed turnoff to Bonneville Point. Follow this road to its end, at 1 mile.

This event is weather dependent. It will be cancelled if the sky is too overcast for viewing.

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